30 for 30 items

posted on: 1.30.2011

I thought that studying abroad for 3 months would be a great time to do the 30 for 30 challenge, since I would only be able to fit everything I needed into 2 luggages.
So, here are my items for remix!
  P1020209       P1020206   
             9 tops                                        3 bottoms

P1020200         P1020204
            4 pants                                        3 sweaters
DSCN5677       P1020203
            3 dresses                                  3 jackets

                    4 shoes

 = 29 items. . . because I might decide to add another item in.


  1. This seems like an interesting and challenging thing to do. I'm thinking of trying something like this soon. :D

  2. It definitely was challenging for me! I attempted this challenge twice and could not finish it :/
    I'd like to see your experience with it!