Day 2

posted on: 1.28.2011

Ah, I just woke up from a nice nap. The Italians have a period of “siesta” from 1-4 everyday where they just close their shops and take a break/go home/eat with their family. How awesome is that?
Backtrack to yesterday . . . I was too tired/nauseous to actually write anything.
I got to the airport around 8, and then we went to sit outside the gate. Not too long after, we found out the flight was going to be delayed because of bad weather in Newark. It was going to be around 1 instead of 10:45.
12:45 pm – boarded the plane
6:30 pm - landed in Newark
7:00 pm – boarded the connecting flight
10:00 pm – finally leave for Rome
12:30 pm here – arrive!
1:00 pm – get on a bus
4:00 pm – arrive in Castiglion Fiorentino and walk to the Santa Chiara with carry-ons in tow.
There was check-in, a quick tour of the area around the center, and dinner.
The views are so amazing. . I wish I could go outside more, but it’s SO windy and cold
my room

lunch! We get bread before each meal and fruit after.
Sorry about the blurry pictures. Maybe it’s the lighting in the dining room?


first Italian concert!


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