Back to Florence

posted on: 3.11.2011

This morning we caught the 8:30am train for a field trip to see the Synagogue of Florence as well as Boboli Gardens. This was my first time inside of a synagogue, and it was pretty cool. We’ve been going to a LOT of churches, so it was interesting to see something different. Afterwards, we had lunch, which is always a time consuming affair; always gotta find the cheapest place! I ended up getting an eggplant/mozzarella panini that was “cosi cosi”. The Boboli gardens were nice, but nothing compared to Versailles! I sketched a few things, and then it was on to more important things. . .shopping! Just kidding. But not really. Our first stop was at a pen store, where I bought a ball point pen! Hopefully this will improve my sketches. . Next, we stopped at H&M, where we realized that we would not be able to make the 5:13 train, so it was settled that we would catch the 6:13 train, which would put us in Castig., at 7:26pm. . 4 minutes before dinner. Anyway, we went to 2 Zaras and a few other stores afterward, then went back to the train station a bit earlier because we had to buy our tickets back. –_- As soon as we got back to Castiglion, we sped walk/jogged back to the center and ran downstairs to dinner, where they were still on the first course. Perfect! 

More pictures from Paris by Kelsey!
beautiful tulips outside a flower shop
waiting for the metro
Paris version of Dillard's cosmetics section
Moulin Rouge!
Hall of Mirrors