Florence again?

posted on: 3.30.2011

Today we had yet another field trip to Florence; this time, to visit two museums and a building that was once home to many families. Ohh gosh, it was the most boring trip ever. I had to wake up at 6:30 to catch an early train, so I was just really tired and sleepy most of the time. Add that to walking around listening to a tour guide go on and on about paintings we’ve already seen 23047 times.
On another note, I went running for the first time on Monday! The weather has been so nice, so it felt really great. Other than watching out for cars on the narrow roads, the routes are pretty good, some hills, some flat parts. I’ve been really slacking off on the workouts, especially due to spring break, so it’s been good to get moving again! Who needs a gym when you’ve got P90x and Insanity videos?
Now it’s time to get started on my essay that’s due tomorrow. . bleck.
Pictures are coming soon, seriously.


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