posted on: 3.02.2011

So I'm still not having any luck with getting a camera in this little town. :( My best options right now are wait for my parents to ship me one, which may or may not arrive on time for spring break, or try to get one this weekend in Paris. Oh yeah, I leave tomorrow for Paris! We are leaving after studio tomorrow for Pisa, spending the night, and catching an early morning flight Friday morning. 

More Rome pics. . .some stolen.

DSCN6282 IMG_1431  DSCN6390 184241_10150429217100227_886620226_17448264_6396754_n DSCN6352 DSCN6397 DSCN6396

So today we went on a field trip to Siena. It was only about an hour away from Castig. We took a tour around the city for a few hours, visiting some churches. Quick lunch, and then shopping instead of sketching. Unfortunately, we had to be back on the bus by 3:30, so there wasn't much time for walking around. Thanks for the pictures Clint!
IMG_2251 IMG_2263 IMG_2257 IMG_2300

Oh, and the best part of Siena? Grom gelato. Seriously the best gelato I've had in Italy.

Be back Sunday!


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