30 Day Vegan Challenge

posted on: 5.09.2011

I've been thinking about trying veganism for awhile, but it would've been a bit difficult in Italy. Now that I'm home, I am definitely ready. . . especially since I've definitely had my fill of dairy (seriously, sometimes I would get a slab of cheese as the main course)! I've been reading Thrive, which is really refreshing because there's actually information on food and nutrition that are new to me. I get tired of reading the same "healthy" eating tips all the time, and I'm excited to try this new way of eating. Since I feel like the 12 week meal plan that's given in the book might be a bit too much for me, I'm just going to incorporate some of the meals into my own diet. I haven't been drinking dairy milk for a while, but it will be interesting to see how I do without eggs, cheese, or any desserts with dairy! Most of all, I am really curious to see how this will affect my body/energy level.


  1. I am not vegan but I have serious dietary restrictions due to food allergies. I miss milk and cheese the most. Hands DOWN those have been the hardest to live without.