Best Veggie Burger

posted on: 5.22.2011


This is the most unique recipe I’ve ever seen for a veggie burger. It called for pasta and quinoa, AND it included “cheese”. I followed the recipe pretty closely, substituting brown rice for pasta, garlic salt for garlic, and omitted the Worcestershire sauce.

It was hands down the tastiest homemade burger I’ve had.
I also decided to try my hand at making some buns.

I followed this recipe, but halved it.

After they came out from the oven, I couldn’t figure out why they were so small! The funny thing is, I just now realized as I’m typing this is it’s because the recipe called for 6 buns, and I made 6 from half the amount of dough. Oops. Oh well, they were still really good! I would highly recommend this recipe because it was really simple, and the bread was delicious.


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