Can’t Stop Pinning

posted on: 5.16.2011

I recently discovered Pinterest, which is a website where you can save pictures of things you like and categorize them. Ever since I got my Pinterest, I've been pinning pictures nonstop!

On another note, I've been wanting to try sunflower seed butter for a while, so I decided to just make it since we had a whole jar of seeds in the house.




Not the most photogenic/delicious looking thing, but tasty nonetheless. I kind of eyeballed a bit of oil and salt, and the reason why it looks a bit dry is because I really didn't want to add any more oil.

Also, while I'm still going to continue my vegan challenge, I don't think it's necessary to post every meal I eat because that's not really what I want my blog to be about. I'm just going to post any new recipes I try/find interesting/delicious!

Oh, and if you notice, I have a new header! I'm kind of in the process of trying things out until I feel like settling on a permanent one. The cartoon was watercolored by my friend Courtney when we were studying abroad in Italy.


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