Home Sweet Home

posted on: 5.06.2011

20 hours of traveling later. . . I made it home!
Wednesday night we loaded up and left on a bus to Rome at 3:30am. After checking in/going through security/ waiting by the gate for a while they announced that our plane was going to be delayed because of security checks. After the boarding time was moved back an hour, we finally got on. When the plane finally started moving away from the gate, it was announced that there were problems with the air pressure so we needed to go back to get that checked out. I was dozing off this whole time, so I wasn't really sure how long all of this took, but I knew we were definitely going to miss our connecting flight to Houston in New Jersey. In Newark, we had to go through customs and re-check our bags, and luckily were able to get a later flight. In the end, we made it to Houston only about an hour after the previously scheduled time. . .pretty good, I think.

It’s been strange because I expected to feel some reverse culture shock or something, but everything has been so normal. I even drove a little today and that didn’t feel weird at all, haha. 

Waffles+strawberries for breakfast! Oh man, I really missed waffles. with Tuscan honey on top of course.

Other random exciting things:
I got my Aggie ring!

This book came in while I was gone, so I'm pretty pumped to start reading!


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