I Got Some Bubblicious. . . For Old Time’s Sake

posted on: 5.10.2011

Third day in a row of waffles for breakfast. . . can't get enough of 'em! strawberries + honey on one, bananas + almond butter on the other

Today I met up with Vicki in the Woodlands for a shopping day! 


Afterward, I had a salad at Hubbell & Hudson. The salad bar was like Whole Foods, and it was so expensive. It seemed like I barely had anything, and it was almost $7. Pretty good though. . I threw in beets, broccoli, baby tomatoes, edamame, black beans, corn, brown rice, spinach, romaine, lentils, chickpeas, artichoke, mushrooms, and a barley stuffed grape leaf.

Vicki and I shared a strawberry/mango mix for a snack later.

Pasta with marinara for dinner.

For dessert, I made some of "cookie dough" but changed up the recipe a little by omitting protein powder, adding 1 tbsp of flax, and additional tbsp of oat flour. Mmm, so good. I ate two before the picture, whoops.

So my sister moved out of her dorm for the summer and had to use up some dining dollars, so she came back with some random things and came in exclaiming "I got some Bubblicious, for old time's sake!"

Overall, the first day went well. I feel like my snacking when I'm not hungry habit won't happen as much because I usually go for something with dairy in it. Also, I've noticed how much more aware I am of making sure there aren't eggs or dairy in what I'm eating, which is something I never usually think about.


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