posted on: 5.13.2011

I don't even know what to call the breakfast I've had the past two days, but it's so good I had it again. Still wasn't quite satisfied after the oats bowl, so I had a CLIF bar. Pretty excited to learn they're vegan!


Today, I started my summer job at Alphagraphics, but didn't really have the work hours confirmed, so I didn't think to pack a lunch. My really nice boss offered me some fruit! And cheese, which I had to decline.


I was really craving some tofu/veggies with brown rice when I got home, but realized we were out of rice. So tofu/veggies with pasta it was!

When my mom came home, she brought my favorite Vietnamese dessert that my aunt had made! My sister and I used to make tre troi nuoc with my grandma when we younger. We loved to roll the mini dough balls.

After reading this post, I was in a baking mood! Of course I veganized it with flax eggs; also, omitted the dried mango and coconut. The muffin was a bit dry, but still good!


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