Design for Shabby Apple

posted on: 8.10.2011

Ever since I found out about Shabby Apple, an online retailer, I've continuously gone back to their site to check out the latest pieces. Shabby Apple dresses are absolutely beautiful, designed to fit a woman perfectly. So when I found out about their Dare to Design contest (which obviously was not too long ago, considering my last minute entry), I knew I wanted to take on this challenge!

SA inspiration

I've always loved fashion from the 50's, especially the dresses, so that served as my main inspiration.
SA 1Dress 1: I imagine a bodice of silver satin with a sweetheart neckline that cascades into a flowy chiffon skirt. A 3/4 sleeve lace overlay with a scalloped v-neck will go over the bodice. A little bit of lace detail will go into the top part of the skirt and will gradually thin out as it moves down.

sa 2
Dress 2: 
  • boat neck
  • 3/4 sleeves with button detailing
  • avocado green color
  • full skirt
  • bow that ties in front at upper waist
  • calico fabric
SA 3Dress 3:
  • Peter pan collar
  • polyester or woven cotton
  • deep purple/maroon that fades into a red
  • 3/4 sleeve figure hugging bodice


  1. I LOVE EVERYTHING HERE. Mai, these are fabulous! Please oh please, make me one of these!

  2. You got my vote! I like all three of those designs but love love love the first! I tried to design a dress and it was a lot like the top one that is in for the win! I just couldn't quite pull it off and you did awesome!

  3. I voted for you!! Gorgeous design. The other ones on the website were hideous. You better win!