PB Biscuits for Dogs (and Humans)

posted on: 8.08.2011

Yesterday was a pretty momentous day. 

We got Deyki when he was around 3 months last November. Our previous dog had died not too long before, so his boundless puppy energy was great to have around. And how could you be sad looking at this face?


After searching endless recipes online, I settled on this peanut butter biscuit one. We had all the ingredients, it's simple to make, and best of all, vegan!


Vicki (one of Deyki's favorite people) came over to help with the baking, and of course, belly rubbing.

Wrong season, and occasion, I know. These were the only cookie cutters we had!
P1030288Of course we had a taste at the end. Good, but bland, as I imagine most dog treats are. Deyki seemed to enjoy them too!


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