Pumpkin Goodies

posted on: 12.26.2011

I did a little baking on Christmas Eve. . . probably should have done something with mint or gingerbread--nevertheless, some delicious sweets! First up was Jenna's vegan pumpkin cinnamon rolls. I was ecstatic at how well these turned out!
I actually took a bunch of pictures on my regular camera, but these Instagram images turned out way better! It's a pretty awesome--I see why everyone's so obsessed with it now!
Next up, Happy Herbivore pumpkin bread! Loved the simple recipe and yumminess.


  1. OMGGGG your cinnimon buns look SOOO DELICIOUS!!! i would have loved to wake up to that yumminess on christmas day haha :p

  2. Great photos! I LOOOOVE pumpkin year round! How were the cinnamon rolls? Were they sticky and gooey or kinda stiff? Been looking for the perfect recipe since forever!!
    Thanks for posting! :)

  3. They were definitely sticky and gooey, but held their shape! I would definitely recommend this recipe!