Crossfit / 1

posted on: 7.19.2012

I've been reading a lot about Crossfit on various blogs, and wanted to give it a try. Today was the day! I visited Crossfit Silverback, where I completed my very first WOD. 

Today's class:
warm up:  Run & Skip
buy in:  Mile Relay
strength: Kipping and Muscle Ups

3 rounds
5x Clean & jerk 
10x Burpees
Run 200m
cash out: 2 minutes TGU sit up 
I did a very modified version of the WOD. 
4 x clean & jerks using a 15 lb kettle ball, one arm at a time 
5 x burpees
200 m run

Whew. Even coming off a sprint tri, I have not worked out that hard in a long time! My arms feel like jello now, but I am excited to go back. I am really bad at pushing myself, so I know Crossfit will be good for me. My plan is to go twice a week in between triathlon training. I'm looking forward to see my fitness level a couple months from now!


  1. are you doing crossfit in CS? I've been wanting to try it but wasn't sure if there was a place to do it in college station!

  2. i'm doing it in spring, but i know there's a place in college station--boomfit. you should check it out! it's kinda intimidating at first lol, but i like it a lot.