On Pushing Myself

posted on: 8.23.2012

my attempt at icing

One of the best things I've gained from CrossFit so far is pushing myself to work harder. It definitely helps that there are people around you doing the same thing, but I think it's the feeling of accomplishment when you finish a tough workout. For me, the feeling I get from being able to do a power clean with x weight when I couldn't do it two days before is not really comparable to running 10 miles. It's way better! Usually when I go running, I will take a walking break as soon as I feel myself getting tired. A lot of days, I will find excuses to push back runs or cut back. . . which is a good reason why I've had two failed half marathon attempts. 

At Monday's CrossFit workout, I accidentally dropped a 10 pound weight on my foot. OW. I was basically limping around for two days. Normally, I would use this as an excuse to sit around for a week, but I managed to get two swims in Tuesday and Wednesday, and was actually able to make it to CrossFit today and run. This motivation. . . I'm not sure it's coming from! Not sure if it is because I love going to CrossFit so much, or that I'm mentally tougher.

*Side note, even though I am better at pushing myself beyond comfort, I would definitely not be exercising if my foot was in pain/at risk of getting worse. 


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