Workout Recap

posted on: 8.18.2012


8/12 - 8/18
Sunday: 6 mile bike
Monday: Crossfit & 500m swim
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: Crossfit
Thursday: Crossfit
Friday: 500m swim
Saturday: 1 mile run

Someone needs to start running more. . . I also decided to go to Crossfit an extra day this week because I had to miss one last week. After most Crossfit days, I'm beat and don't want to do anything else. That makes it harder to fit in the triathlon training and rest days. I find myself wanting to do more Crossfit, but I know I have to stay focused on tri training. That's a post for another day though... 
But ever since I started swimming/cycling, I have found it hard to get myself to run. It used to be the only thing I did for the longest time and I really wish I still loved it as much. To motivate myself, I signed up for the BCS Half Marathon in December. Running a half is definitely on my bucket list, so I'm excited to have that to look forward to. 


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