Crossfit, 4 months later

posted on: 11.26.2012

Wow, I was just about to title this "3 months later". Has it already been 4 months since I started CrossFit? It's hard to tell how much stronger I am than when I first started because I'm still usually one of the weakest in the class, still doing girl push ups and using the green band for pull ups, lol. However, I have definitely made progress. I first joined because I wanted to add strength training to my routine but did not know what I was doing in the weight room most of the time. I was hooked from the first class! There is something about the feeling of accomplishment after completing a tough WOD that keeps you coming back. 

A few stats....I can't wait to look back in a few months and consider these numbers low. :D

deadlift: 115lb
front squat: 95lb
hang clean: 45lb
power clean: 65lb


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